3 – Memories of Magic

Memories of Magic

The Fay of Skye Book III

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Her visions will help save magic—if he can teach her to control them.

Olivia Seward never developed the magic of her elder siblings, but now she’s plagued by visions of the past. Etta, Duchess of Fay, asks her to use those visions to discover the source of the drain on English magic. Unfortunately, the visions draw too deeply from Olivia, leaving her weak and vulnerable.

Savitendra Reilly, a half-Indian, half-Irish historian, is hired by the duchess to research the origins of the Aegis Spell, but it is the magic of his birthplace that Olivia needs to learn to control her visions.

The only problem: Savit is an ascetic, performing magic by honing his mind and ignoring the needs of the flesh. Olivia is a hedonist, and accesses her power through pleasure. And every time they do magic together, Savit’s desire for her grows.

If he succumbs to their mutual passion, he believes he won’t be able to protect her from the ravages of her unpredictable gift. But Olivia is convinced the only way to access the truth of the past is to immerse themselves in each other–sharing bodies, minds, hearts, and souls.

Praise for Memories of Magic:

Memories of Magic blends genres seamlessly…completely unpredictable and exciting…I fall more in love with McKinnon’s world with each book in this series!” – J.L. Gribble, author of Steel Victory.

“Cara McKinnon does it again with her latest installment in the Fay of Skye series. So many questions get answered, leading to new and more exciting questions as a new set of lovers joins in the quest. The characters as always are vibrant and come alive off the pages, and the sultry scenes are steamy and thrilling. I love seeing the changes and growth in some of the returning characters from the first book, and eagerly anticipate the next. Brava.” – Amazon reviewer

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