Romance Pet Peeves: Hymens and Virginity

In which Cara rants about how virginity is a social construct, not a medical state, and how poorly some romance books deal with female virginity and myths about hymens.

Romance Pet Peeves: The “Other Woman”

In which Cara rants at length about how a woman who is not the heroine, but who happens to have had sex with the hero, should not be portrayed as a villain.

Romance Pet Peeves: Excessive Euphemisms

Euphemisms in sex scenes: how much is too much?

Cara Recommends: A Charm of Magpies

Once a month, I will recommend a particularly good book or series. My first recommendation is the Charm of Magpies series by K.J. Charles.

Sex and Magic: The Allure of Enchantment

In a previous post, I discussed some of the general context for why I like mixing magic and sex. In this post, I’ll get into the nitty-gritty details of adding magic into a sex scene.

Writing Sex Scenes

If you have looked at the cover image on my website, with the sexy couple in the center, you can probably tell that I write steamy romances. I chose to write sexually explicit material for a few reasons…. Read More

Sex and Magic

To continue this week’s theme of romance and sex, I thought it was a good time to discuss how I bring the fantasy elements into my fantasy romance. Often in fantasy stories, the mages or supernaturally-inclined folk are… Read More

Sex and Romance Part Two: Steamy or Erotic?

In a previous blog post, I defined romance as follows: Romance as a genre is any story where the relationship between two (or sometimes more) characters is central to the plot and structure. If your story is structured… Read More

Sex and Romance Part One

If a romance focuses on two people (or more) falling in love, does that mean all romances must have sex? Of course not. For one thing, not everyone in the world wants to have sex, even if they… Read More