Announcing: The Feminist Romantic Podcast

The Feminist Romantic will be a half-hour podcast hosted by Cara McKinnon, coming out every other week on Wednesdays beginning August 16th 2017.

Romance Pet Peeves: Hymens and Virginity

In which Cara rants about how virginity is a social construct, not a medical state, and how poorly some romance books deal with female virginity and myths about hymens.

Romance Pet Peeves: The “Other Woman”

In which Cara rants at length about how a woman who is not the heroine, but who happens to have had sex with the hero, should not be portrayed as a villain.

Writing Sex Scenes

If you have looked at the cover image on my website, with the sexy couple in the center, you can probably tell that I write steamy romances. I chose to write sexually explicit material for a few reasons…. Read More

Sex and Romance Part Two: Steamy or Erotic?

In a previous blog post, I defined romance as follows: Romance as a genre is any story where the relationship between two (or sometimes more) characters is central to the plot and structure. If your story is structured… Read More