Romance Pet Peeves: Ménage à Deux

In which Cara rants about how much she hates it when a threesome romance turns out to be a regular couple with a sexy extra. If it says ménage à trois romance, readers will expect three people to fall in love!

Romance Pet Peeves: Failure to Communicate

In which Cara rants about stories that would have taken a tenth of the time if the characters would just talk to each other.

Romance Pet Peeves: Alphaholes

Before I begin this blog, let me direct you to a few pieces of information: Sarah MacLean’s article about how she re-wrote Day of the Duchess after the 2016 election. She discusses the alpha male trope in romance, from a… Read More

Romance Pet Peeves: Hymens and Virginity

In which Cara rants about how virginity is a social construct, not a medical state, and how poorly some romance books deal with female virginity and myths about hymens.

Romance Pet Peeves: Love Triangles

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I’m going to talk about LOVE TRIANGLES. Specifically, love triangles gone wrong. Which is most of them.