Romance Pet Peeves: Hymens and Virginity

In which Cara rants about how virginity is a social construct, not a medical state, and how poorly some romance books deal with female virginity and myths about hymens.

Memories of Magic

Check out an excerpt from Memories of Magic’s “Meet Cute”–where Olivia and Savit meet for the first time!

Cover Reveal: Memories of Magic

Check out the gorgeous cover for Memories of Magic, book three in the Fay of Skye series!

Changing History for Memories of Magic

Altering history is great fun, especially when real life events can easily be given magical explanations!

Book Soundtracks: Memories of Magic

Some of the songs on my writing soundtrack for Memories of Magic.

How Magic Works: Visions

How exactly do visions work in the world of the Fay of Skye?