Crazy Little Spring Called Love

Crazy Little Spring Called Love

“Love at Dawn”

Crazy Little Spring Called LoveFrom Stars and Stone Books
A Fantasy Romance Anthology
Featuring: Elsa Carruthers, M.T. DeSantis, Traci Douglass, A.E. Hayes, L.J. Longo, Cara McKinnon, Sheri Queen, and Mary Rogers
This delightful fantasy romance anthology features eight magical stories  inspired by the awakenings and renewal of springtime. Perfect for lovers of fairies, djinn, gods and goddesses, druids, mermaids, sirens, magic, true love, and romance that ranges from sweet to hot.
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“Love at Dawn”

by Cara McKinnon

Spring 17 Interior Image CM F.1.2

Sometimes mortals need a little push from a god and goddess to fall in love…

Leora has been in love with one man her whole life. Unfortunately, the man standing beside her on the dais about to recite the words of the Sacred Marriage Rite isn’t her dream husband, Linden. It’s her nemesis, Reed. And yet–the way he’s looking at her  from behind his mask makes her burn with desire.

Reed sees Leora and nearly curses the gods. In this ceremony, the Harvest God and Dawn Goddess will consummate their wedding using Leora and Reed’s bodies. Tomorrow, he and Leora will be sworn to secrecy and have no memory of the ritual or the identity of their partner. If either reveals the truth, they’ll risk offending the gods and damning their country to twenty-five years of famine and drought. Reed doesn’t want secrecy and a coupling he’ll immediately forget. He wants Leora for real—and for always.

Will they defy the rules of the gods for love? Or is that what the gods intended all along?