Love Across the Universe Blog Tour: Refilling the Creative Well

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The authors of Love Across the Universe sat down and answered a series of questions about writing, science fiction, romance, and more.

We live in a busy world with lots of distractions and it can be difficult to fit in time to write and be creative. But just as important as time to create things is time to fill our creative wells. We asked the Love Across the Universe authors to tell us what they do to “refill the well.”

Refilling the Creative Well

Elsa M. Carruthers—“All B+ut You”

I read, watch shows, and walk.

M.T. DeSantis—“The Princess of Sands”

I read for the most part. Reading something amazing that someone else wrote makes me want to get back in the chair and produce something awesome. I also take days off every so often. Recharging away from my computer is nice.

Traci Douglass—“A Dream to Build a Kiss On”

Walks, naps, movies, going out with my friends, reading.

Read a Book

A.E. Hayes—“Tristan’s Tryst”

These days, I don’t have time for much else other than writing and editing, but when I do need to take a break, I go out with friends to get coffee, watch a few episodes of a great TV show with my husband, build some LEGOs with my son, or sing whatever my favorite song is that day in my car. I have escapes—I just don’t have a lot of time for them at the moment.

Serena Jayne—“You Only Love Once”

I fill my creative well by reading fiction across all the genres, watching movies and television shows, looking at art in museums, boxing, exercising, and spending time with writer friends.

L.J. Longo—“Breathless”

I read a lot, but I don’t see as much television or movies as I want. I’ve never actively filled the well. I’ve just drawn on it and never found the bottom.

Watch Movies & TV

Oriana Maret—“Renewal”

Reading is the greatest idea stimulator, and after that, walking.

Cara McKinnon—“The Pirates and the Pacifist”

Sometimes, all it takes is getting away from the computer screen for a while. I enjoy watching movies and TV shows, but I had to give up most of that when I started writing full time. Now, I read or get out of the house and go places. I’m lucky enough to live near several state and county parks, two mountain ridges, and a river. There’s always something to do outside!

Sheri Queen—“Red Sand”

I watch movies. It’s a defined amount of time that I can fit into my schedule. I also love to read, but I find I have to mostly listen to books because of how much I travel.

Mary Rogers—“Breakfast on Pluto”

I read! I also watch old movies, and listen to older music (The American Songbook, Broadway, and Modern Classics – I love Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra).

Get Out Into Nature

Emmerite Sundberg—“Fluid”

Hiking in the woods refills my flagging soul which also refills my well of creativity. Trees and a brook do wonders for my psyche.

K.W. Taylor—“Reprogramming”

I’m working at home this summer, and every day unless heavy rain precludes it, I run a slow but steady 4-6 mile stretch of bike path full of trees, shrubs, bits of swampy marshland, lots of friendly people to observe, and lots of animals to watch. The endorphins of the exercise itself keep me emotionally buoyant, and sometimes I’ll have interesting conversations or observations. It’s also a chance to meditate, zone out, and brainstorm my current works-in-progress. Sometimes I’ll listen to an audiobook or podcast on my runs, sometimes music, or sometimes I’ll just think. Any of those options gives me a ton of creative ideas.

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