Podcast Coming Soon


I believe I mentioned that I’m starting a podcast! I was going to start recording it this month and posting it in August, but the universe has intervened and I’ve had my kids at home for the past two weeks. I love them to death, but they are *not quiet.*

But next week they will be back to summer activities and I should actually be able to record.

First things first, though, I have to decide what to call my podcast! I’d like the title to be catchy, but I also need it to capture the essence of what I’m going to be talking about.

So what I want to know is: what do you want to hear?

Some things I’m already planning to do on the podcast:

  1. Romance Pet Peeves. An abbreviated version of my blog posts. Basically a fun rant.
  2. How Do They Do That? A deep dive into how successful authors accomplish certain tasks in their books: characterization, avoiding infodumps, pacing, description, sex scenes, etc.
  3. Author InterviewsOccasionally I will track down other authors and interview them on the podcast.
  4. Guest spots. I write with a bunch of other romance authors in a series of romance anthologies. I would like to invite them to the podcast regularly to talk about topics related to writing, romance, fandom, and more.
  5. Self-Publishing Tips. I’ll try to do one of these per podcast.
  6. What I’m reading/watching/listening to/playing/recommend. I’ll close out each podcast with a look at what media I’m consuming and whether or not I recommend it and why.

What other things would you like me to add to the list? You can comment here or email me: cara at caramckinnon dot com.

If you have any ideas for names, I’d love to hear them, and of course you’ll be credited for your idea on the podcast!


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