Cover Reveal: Memories of Magic

One of the reasons that I needed to redesign Essential Magic‘s cover was because of this cover. I spent an inordinate amount of time searching for a model that looked like Olivia. After you read the book, you’ll know that even this one isn’t an exact match–but the emotional expression is a perfect fit.

Once I’d decided on this model, and this particular image, I knew I would have to do something different with Essential MagicA Theft of Magic still worked, for the most part. I tweaked it a little for the redesign, but it already used the same visual language. Essential Magic didn’t–but it does now!

Here it is, the cover for Memories of Magic:


The print version isn’t  100% done. I’m still tweaking the back cover copy and some of the minor details. But this is pretty much what it will look like:


What do you think? Are you excited to read Olivia’s story? A firm release date for Memories of Magic is coming soon–just as soon as I get my edits back and can estimate the time needed to revise, have copy edits completed, and do the final proofing/formatting.


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Here are all of the covers together. Don’t they look great?

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