Book Soundtracks: Memories of Magic


The book soundtrack posts are some of my favorite to do, because I get to dig deeper into my reasons for choosing particular songs for my writing playlist. Sometimes I don’t even realize why I chose a song until I sit down to write about it!

First on the list for this book is “Shatter Me” by Lindsey Stirling. In a weird way, this song is relevant to both Olivia and Savit. I say weird, because they are very, very different people who (at least at first) see the world in vastly disparate ways. But on a deep, emotional level they both want the same thing. Although neither of them would admit it at the beginning of the book, they’re both unhappy, dissatisfied with the state of their lives. It’s going to take a leap into the unknown, and a reliance on each other, to find fulfillment and feel alive.

Next is “Gravity of Love” by Enigma. This one has gone in and out of my writing playlists for a while, but only for its more atmospheric qualities. This is the first time I’m really connecting the lyrics to one of my characters. Savit has always chosen the path of restraint and detachment, so this song speaks directly to him, reminding him that there are other ways to wisdom. Perhaps he and Olivia will only survive if they give in to the gravity of love…

Unfortunately I couldn’t find an official video for this, so I picked one that has the lyrics on it.

There are lots more songs on there, but here’s one that I found recently while surfing through Bollywood music. Although the film this is from would work well for Olivia, this is kind-of a Savit song, too. It’s this bewildered journey through a world that is suddenly alive with sensations and feeling–exactly the way he feels when he’s with Olivia. Translation here at Bollynook.


Last one, this time an Olivia song. Again, I found this by looking through Bollywood playlists. I’m not sure what the movie is about, but the lyrics fit for Olivia. She’s well-traveled, and has experienced much in her life, including other loves. But she’s never met anyone like Savit. My favorite is this line:

Na Toh Pyaari Si Nadani Kahin
I didn’t find that lovely innocence anyplace

(Translation, again, from Bollynook)

It’s so perfect for Savit, who despite his position as her mentor in magic, is an innocent in ways of the heart. This is not Olivia at the beginning of the story, but it is where she finds herself by the end.


I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into my writing life! Now I’m going to get back to it!

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