2017 Publication Plans


Happy New Year, all!

If you receive my newsletter, you’ve already seen my planned publication schedule for the year. If you don’t receive it and want to, you can sign up here. Originally I wanted to have Memories of Magic out by the end of February, but a combination of family obligations, the day job, and illness turned my December into a nearly writing-free zone.

But the good news is that I sent my outline to my amazing editor and we had a nearly three-hour video chat yesterday that resulted in some exciting changes and additions that are going to make the book so much better than I originally imagined. I’m feeling much better about the story as I go back into the drafting process.

My planned publication schedule for the year is as follows:

January 31A Merge of Magic part 3
February – Cover Reveal: Memories of Magic Essential Magic redesign
March 28 – Cover Reveal: Memories of Magic
Late March/Early April – A Merge of Magic part 4
May 3 – Crazy Little Spring Called Love (Fantasy Romance anthology)
May 23 – Memories of Magic
May 30 A Merge of Magic part 5
June – Cover and Title Reveal: Book 4
July 25A Merge of Magic part 4
August 1 – Love Across the Universe (SF Romance anthology)
October – Book 4
November 21 – Title TBD Holiday Romance anthology
December – A Merge of Magic part 5 (and 6??)
December – Cover Reveal: Book 5This schedule is subject to change! It will be updated as needed.

I will be hard at work for the next six weeks finishing the first draft of Memories of Magic, at which point my editor will take over for the first stage of revisions. Then I’ll revise and send it off to the copy editor, and finally the proofreader. Then I have to format the book for digital and print release. If all of that can happen by the end of March, I will get the book out then. If not, it will be early April. Once I’m finished with the first draft, I’ll be able to estimate the rest of the process and put it up for pre-order on Amazon and the other usual places.

As a way to apologize for the wait, I will be including chapter one of Memories in my February newsletter (click here to subscribe). A week later, it will go up here on the blog.

Thanks for being great fans, and I promise it will be worth the wait!


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