Like many people in America and across the world, I’m still in something of a free-fall after last week. I’m not going to talk politics on my blog, because it’s mine and there are plenty of other people saying all of the things I would say. But if you’ve read anything I’ve written, either here or in my books, you should have a pretty good idea of my opinions.

So I’m angry, and scared, and more determined than ever to keep writing.

But first, I need to work through this grief, make a plan for how I am going to help those who are most at risk, and get my head back into a creative place.

In the meantime, here is some music. Leonard Cohen left behind an amazing body of work, but like many, many people, this is the song of his that touched me most deeply. There are so many beautiful versions, from Jeff Buckley to Rufus Wainwright, to the man himself. But these two are recent, and so are a little more fresh in my mind.

You may have noticed that I’m a Pentatonix fan. This is technically from their new Christmas album, but it’s perfectly timed to ease my soul.

And, of course, I must also share Kate McKinnon’s version from SNL. How could I not, when we share a name? Also, she’s an amazing performer, and has an important message. Kate, I haven’t given up, either. And I won’t.

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