The Fay of Skye Series

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The third book in the new fantasy romance series

The Fay of Skye

Memories of Magic

Coming May 23, 2017


The series opens in an alternate 1895. The world is nearly the same as ours…except that magic is real. Victoria is still on the throne, and is much beloved by her subjects on the eve of her Diamond Jubilee. She is a champion of the lower classes, and believes that magic, long waning in England, has run its course and should now be put aside forever. Her son Bertie, the Prince of Wales, leads a glittering, decadent set that are the antithesis of the deep moral code of his mother. He encourages his cronies to create massive illusions that entertain but have no substance.

Opposed to both Queen and Prince are Clan Fay of Skye. They have fought for years to protect magic, but not the frivolous, empty sort preferred by the Marlborough House set. They do practical magic–useful spells that have safeguarded the islands for thousands of years. And they recently discovered that someone is leeching magical power from the British Isles.

Book One – Essential Magic


A woman driven to excel. A man ashamed of his past.

A desire that could lead them to bliss…or peril.

When Etta Mae Cook arrives in London in 1895, she steps into a dangerous world of politics, decadence, and magical power far removed from her home in Appalachia. Queen Victoria wages a silent war against Etta’s distant kin: Clan Fay. In the balance: the future of spellcraft in the kingdom. Etta’s lineage and magic make her an asset – or a threat – to the two formidable forces.

Then she meets Malcolm Seward, a mage of Clan Fay. He once held a prominent role in society, until a tragic mistake forced him to flee into obscurity. The sparks between them pull him back into the fray, but Etta didn’t come to England for desire.

Despite her intentions, their passion flares, and Malcolm falls for her. Now, Etta must choose: love, or ambition?  Either path could mean the renewal — or the destruction — of British sorcery.

If she follows her heart, will she doom their magic?

Praise for Essential Magic:

“Vivid backdrop…thorough research…very hot.” –Avonna from The Romance Reviews

“Engrossing and dramatic…. Tantalizing details.” –J.L. Gribble, author of Steel Victory  and Steel Magic

“The writing is just lovely…. Characters you care about!” –Maria V. Snyder, author of Poison Study

“The romance is sweet and hot.” – Amazon reviewer

“[A] great romance.” – Goodreads review by Olivia

“Masterfully written.” – Amazon reviewer

“Cara McKinnon does a masterful job of transporting her readers to magical 19th century Scotland. Her detailed descriptions of historically accurate attire and etiquette helped to fully immerse me in a story that I was unwilling to put down until the very end. Engaging characters, powerful emotions; all with a unique and captivating method used to describe the casting of spells.” -Christina Robbins, author of Seeking Solace

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Book Two – A Theft of Magic


 A woman sworn to truth. A man who deals in lies. 

A passion lighting the way to love…or loss. 

At the behest of the Duchess of Fay, Ronan McCarrick, thief, smuggler, and Irish revolutionary, travels to the Isle of Skye, the domain of Sorcha Fay. She is known as the Seeress of Skye, an elusive figure who rarely leaves the island. Ronan’s arrival triggers one of her defensive spells, incinerating his clothing and everything he’s carrying. Including the letter that would have told Sorcha why he has come to Skye.

Despite an instant attraction to the naked and furious Irishman, Sorcha believes that Ronan is an interloper who has been attacking her wards for months. Even when part of his story is confirmed, she still mistrusts him. But when she discovers that two powerful objects are missing from the Fay vaults–someplace he couldn’t have been–she’ll need his help to steal them back.

If he doesn’t steal her heart first.

Praise for A Theft of Magic:

“McKinnon hits it out of the park once again with this delightful blend of alternate history, historical fiction, action, and sensuality…an exciting magical romp from start to finish.” – J.L. Gribble, author of Steel Victory

“Politics, schemes, and betrayal…twists that I definitely didn’t see coming. The sex started early and got steamier as it went.” – Dawn from Up Til Dawn Book Reviews for The Romance Reviews

“The characters are beautifully crafted, the historical details make the world come alive and seem so vividly possible, I almost want to search for the missing magic myself.” -Amazon reviewer Denise


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Book Three – Memories of Magic


Her visions will help save magic—if he can teach her to control them.

Olivia Seward never developed the magic of her elder siblings, but now she’s plagued by visions of the past. Etta, Duchess of Fay, asks her to use those visions to discover the source of the drain on English magic. Unfortunately, the visions draw too deeply from Olivia, leaving her weak and vulnerable.

Savitendra Reilly, a half-Indian, half-Irish historian, is hired by the duchess to research the origins of the Aegis Spell, but it is the magic of his birthplace that Olivia needs to learn to control her visions.

The only problem: Savit is an ascetic, performing magic by honing his mind and ignoring the needs of the flesh. Olivia is a hedonist, and accesses her power through pleasure. And every time they do magic together, Savit’s desire for her grows.

If he succumbs to their mutual passion, he believes he won’t be able to protect her from the ravages of her unpredictable gift. But Olivia is convinced the only way to access the truth of the past is to immerse themselves in each other–sharing bodies, minds, hearts, and souls.

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Prequel – A Merge of Magic



Viola Fay Seward had the terrible misfortune to fall in love with her soul mate at the age of fifteen. Rather than inform him of this calamity, she ignored him, in the hope that it would go away. Teenaged love doesn’t actually last, right?

Ian MacAlasdair grew up envying his neighbors, the Sewards. As children of a marquess, his much lower-titled father encouraged him to make friends with Malcolm, the closest to him in age. When the Seward children’s magical talents bloomed, they were allowed to train their gifts. When Ian’s power arrived, he was packed off to a boarding school that didn’t teach magic. But every summer he came home, and every summer his attraction to his friend’s bewitching little sister grew.

Now a man, Ian has started learning magic and joined a decadent crowd that encourages him to cast elaborate illusions. With every success, Ian becomes more aware that the bewitching younger sister is a sensation in society, and he is far beneath her notice.

Except that Viola has never been able to stop noticing him, which irritates her to no end. She is an independent woman, and tells herself she doesn’t believe in soul mates.

Until the day that Ian lets himself be goaded into casting a spell beyond his limits, and Viola uses her own magic to help him–and that magic stays in Ian.

Now, the two are permanently connected by magic, and must find a way to separate their gifts without giving in to the unwelcome desire that continues to grow between them.

Praise for A Merge of Magic:

“Intensely satisfying, finished it in one sitting because I couldn’t put it down!” – Amazon reader Denise

The first three of six serialized installments are now available! Each installment is 99¢, or free to read with your Kindle Unlimited subscription.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

When completed, the full serial novel will be available as an eBook and trade paperback.

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