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A Paranormal Romance Short Story Anthology
from Stars and Stone Books

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These eight paranormal romance short stories will take you for a walk on the wild side of love.

From baby sea monsters bringing couples together, to river spirits falling in love with mortals, to demons and witches fighting evil together, to mismatched shifters struggling to figure out how to love each other, Born to Love Wild dishes up sweet and heat in equal measures. Come for the magic—stay for the happily-ever-after.

​Featuring: USA Today Bestselling Author Traci Douglass, Cara McKinnon, Sheri Queen, Pepper McGraw, M.T. DeSantis, Read Gallo, J. Bigelow, and Andie Biagini.

Cara’s Story – “A Change of Heart”
She’s a hybrid shifter who’s not supposed to exist. He’s a wolf who was born to protect her. But her secrets force him to choose: his mate, or his pack loyalty?

Zoe is a rare wolf-raven hybrid shifter called a chimaera. In ancient times, her kind was revered. Now, they are hunted. Zoe understands that her existence threatens the secrecy of the magical world, but that doesn’t mean she is ready to sacrifice her life for it. That’s why she’s searching for proof her parents gathered before their deaths that might mean she can finally take her place in shifter society without fear.

 Nathan has grown up as part of a traditional wolf-shifter pack in an all-shifter town near Yellowstone Park. His life has always revolved around family and community. He isn’t prepared when his true mate turns out to be a solitary, secretive woman who has serious trust issues. But his protective instincts have kicked in, and he wants to prove she doesn’t have to solve her problems on her own.

But even he can’t protect her when the truth of her nature is revealed.

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Secret Magic 04


by Cara McKinnon
The Fay of Skye #4
Gaslamp Fantasy Romance
Stars and Stone Books

The secrets of her past are wild…

Evie Finn is a born trickster. Her faerie blood gives her an affinity for glamours, and her childhood in a street gang provided experience running confidence games and stealing people blind. But the Duchess of Fay has just asked her to pull off the most difficult heist of her career–without even knowing who has the item she’s meant to steal.

Enter consummate spy, Percy Seward. His magical gift for languages and non- descript appearance make him an ideal agent for the British Crown, and a perfect companion for Evie in Austria and the German Empire. He and Evie will locate proof of who is controlling the Aegis Spell draining magic from England, steal it, and bring it back to Queen Victoria. But six months into their assignment, Evie goes rogue, refusing to enter Germany despite Percy’s express orders.

Evie doesn’t want to defy Percy, but there’s something more dangerous for her than any human spell waiting in Germany: Herla, the Elf King, leader of the Wild Hunt–her grandfather.

Soon, circumstances force her to face her fears–and her growing ardor for Perceval Seward. But there’s no escaping her past, or her destiny.

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Love at the Edge of Seventeen, A YA Romance Anthology


A YA Romance Anthology
Coming 1 May 2018
From Stars and Stone Books

It’s never easy to go through the fraught transition into adulthood, but the teens in this anthology have more to deal with than most: super powers, magic, illness, and prejudice against sexual orientation and gender identity. Fortunately, they all find love at the edge of seventeen.

Featuring stories by M.T. DeSantis, A.E. Hayes, Serena Jayne, Cara McKinnon, Mary Rogers, and Kylie Weisenborn.

Cara’s story–”Three Jagged Pieces”

Boy meets girl meets boy.

Ava is an introvert and curvy, with huge self-esteem issues. Sam is a wrestling star with a secret–he likes girls and boys. Noah is transgender and has a huge unrequited crush on his two best friends, Ava and Sam.

But what if it isn’t unrequited?

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Memories of Magic 09.1


by Cara McKinnon
The Fay of Skye #3
Gaslamp Fantasy Romance
Stars and Stone Books

Her visions will help save English magic—
if he can teach her to control them.

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